Three different festivals - three different countries - one Europe!

Building bridges – intitiated by the ambassador Luis de Almeida Sampaio, former ambassador of Portugal to Germany and currently Ambassador in Prague, who has been an inspiratory friend and pro bono collaborator of the Project – The „Prague Easter Festival“, Czech Republic, the “Festival Internacional de Música de Marvão“ in Portugal and the „Musikfestspiele Königswinkel“ close to Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany, have one ambitious common goal: to make music an experience of its (creation) times. Specifically, to create an experience for the audience, which emphasizes the dialogue and communication as special elements at the heart of music, to make the „voices“ of the composers come alive, to make their emotions and musical identities authentic. The three festivals want to make this „common experience“ tangible together for their visitors, their regions, and bring the „we“ – our Europe – even closer through music.

Building bridges – Promoting understanding between the population – different composers of several nationalities. Musical discrimination based on nationality.

The new project is Czech, German, Portuguese with the potential to open its arms to other European countries. In the spring of 2022, when these sentences were created, we are perhaps even more aware than ever that it is necessary to get to know the neighbour. To understand its history, its presence, but above all its common future.
The future can only be common.

What make Europe, the European Union, special, so strong? The answer lies in identifying the common factors as well as showing up the factors that showcase its diversity. And it is precisely these two aspects – the emotion and communication that music triggers in the different Western cultures – that have always connected the essence of music across all borders. We live together in a world that connects us, that builds bridges across national borders, across emotional borders.

Get to know the neighbouring culture as conflict prevention and sharing common European cultural values!

„Music ist the only one language, in which you can`t lie“ (Zitat Yehudi Menuhin)

Prague Easter Festival | 1-9 April 2023

Artistic Direction: Christoph Poppen & Martin Rudovský

The „Prague Easter Festival“, in and around Prague, presents a wide variety of concerts of a symphonic nature with the Prague Symphony Orchestra as well as international chamber music ensembles are heard during the Easter period in churches, concert halls, castles – with a focus on Czech, Slavic music and artists. The organiser is the Prague Symphony Orchestra, Artistic Directors Christoph Poppen and Martin Rudovsky.
The Prague Symphony Orchestra is the official orchestra of the capital city Prague. The orchestra is a leading Czech musical ensemble with an established and renowned international reputation. It contributes significantly to the concert scene in the Czech capital and at the same time promotes Czech culture abroad. The orchestra was founded in 1934; the abbreviation FOK stands for Film Opera Koncert, which were the ensemble’s original focuses.

Festival Internacional de Música de Marvão | 21-30 July 2022

Artistic Direction: Juliane Banse & Christoph Poppen

The Marvão International Music Festival is held in the midst of unique and unforgettable scenery at the summit of the highest mountain south of the Tagus river, in the walled town of Marvão, Portugal. The village of Marvão, in Alentejo region, is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. 

Here you find the perfect combination of the town’s architecture and its proud castle with the surrounding landscape of the Serra de São Mamede. Its vast horizons and peaceful background offer truly idyllic scenery for an outdoor music festival, where century old infrastructures are put to good use. It was here, amongst the rare natural beauty of Marvão, that Christoph Poppen and Juliane Banse felt the urge to combine their love of classical music with a land filled with history and to create a high quality classical music festival.

Musikfestspiele Königswinkel 2023 | 28 September – 3 October 2023

Artistic Direction: Florian Zwipf-Zaharia

The „Musikfestspiele Königswinkel“, close to the most famous castle in the world, Neuschwanstein Castle, has the Neuschwanstein Festival Hall as its „music centre“. Built in 2000 in the style of the time of King Ludwig II and Richard Wagner, presents a major Wagner opera every year as well as a festival concert with a cast of international singers and conductors. 

In addition, there are various chamber music concerts in the „Königswinkel“ – a geographical area close by, known for its stunning baroque churches such as the „Wies“ church, in or close to Neuschwanstein Castle, various smaller monastic halls and in outdoor settings – the focus is on Wagner’s music and his musical world. The organiser is the Königswinkel Kultur gGmbH.